Hi, I'm Samuel!

I'm a developer,
student journalist,
and transit advocate.

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Here are some of the cool things I've worked on.


I'm the head of Parakeet.Games, creating a new way to enjoy games on the web.

Let's Go with PRONTO

Working with San Diego Unified School District and the Metropolitan Transit System, we got hundreds of students to sign up for free public transit.

Caver News Network

I'm the current director of Caver News Network, San Diego High School's unbiased, independent student news service.

View the Portfolio page for more projects.

Here's more information about me.


Hi! I'm Samuel. I'm a student at San Diego High School (Class of 2025), although I spend most of my day in Visual Studio Code and Final Cut Pro. I'm skilled in full-stack design/development, project management, and video editing/media relations. In the past, I've worked with the San Diego Unified School District, Metropolitan Transit System, and many other community organizations to build web experiences that connect communities and bring people together. You can find those on the portfolio page.

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